Why Choose Us

Things that help us stand out and makes us the “go-to” general contractor

Is your facility maintenance contractor driving you crazy? Or are you looking to hire someone specialized and more reputable?

Searching for a professional and capable service provider can be overwhelming in this competitive market. Moreover, as continuous usage takes a toll on your property, having a plan of action right in place will rapidly help address your facility concerns.

Rest assured, DaFox Group offers a comprehensive range of maintenance services to best suit your needs. We provide nationwide facility maintenance and janitorial services. We have the right equipment and expertise to make your space aesthetically appealing right from its foundation. Plus, regular upkeep increases the longevity of your property while cutting down hefty future expenses.

We have an extremely high client retention rate. Our plans are flexible, and the DaFox team can speedily handle unexpected yet inevitable emergencies as well. You can rely on us for all your plumbing, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, janitorial, landscaping, and building upgrades or alteration needs. We schedule your service call as soon as we receive a request.

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We provide a full range of commercial and residential facility construction and maintenance services to meet our clients’ changing needs.

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When you hire us, we carefully select and send off a competent team to address your particular tasks. They ensure that the job is performed with superior standards.

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All our facilities service professionals follow quality assurance processes and a comprehensive yet flexible approach to mitigate risks, increase satisfaction, and guarantee on-time deliveries.

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With ten years of industry experience, we are dedicated to providing exceptional total facility management services while benefiting our clients’ daily operations.

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Customer Service

We aim to manage and maintain outstanding commercial and residential services through highly certified and personalized patron care, 24/7 quick response, and competitive pricing – that makes us different from the rest.

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Cost Savings

Hiring us will substantially cost you less than having in-house services. We are trained professionals having appropriate equipment, prepared and available for every maintenance task at reduced costs but with greater efficiency.