About Us

Who We Are

Businesses and homeowners juggle between different organizational and domicile priorities regularly – facilities maintenance is one of them. At DaFox Group, we are a leading facility maintenance and management company. We plan, install, operate, and maintain the systems that create a safe and functional facility environment. With a decade long experience, we help both residential and commercial clients maximize efficiency along with convenience. Our team of highly qualified and dedicated service technicians is available 24/7/365. From plumbing, painting, general repairs, cleaning, roofing to HVAC, and other service and maintenance issues, our extensive network of facilities maintenance service providers can do it all.

DaFox Group provides single-source solutions for both commercial and residential property maintenance. We have the experience and expertise to customize the plans as per your needs and keep your facilities running smoothly. Our core values focus on exceeding your expectations by delivering exceptional services swiftly and cost-effectively. We work closely with our clients to gain insight into their specific requirements while helping them achieve their repair and maintenance goals.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate intent. Call us today for reliable and professional commercial and residential facility maintenance services!

Our History

Through commitment and a knack for innovation, we’ve risen to the top of the pack.

As with any business, the road to success, even for our team wasn’t that smooth. However, we faced every obstacle head-on and turned those stumbling blocks into opportunities to better serve our clients. In this challenging and fast-paced business environment, it is essential to keep learning, growing, and expanding at every step. Thus, through trial and error, we advanced and mastered the systems that helped us deliver 100% satisfaction to our clients every day and with every project. At DaFox, we strive to make excellence a reality. We remained committed to making our clients’ working and living simpler.

Today, we are a leading facilities maintenance service provider in California, serving both commercial and residential property owners. Our projects speak volumes. This also gives us the motivation to keep moving forward with perfection.